Honors & Awards
    Named one of The NEXT 100 Top Influencers of the European Digital Industry (2013)
    Travel grants by Google:
      Global Google Top Contributor (TC) Summit, Mountain View, CA, USA (2011, 2013, 2015, 2018)
      European Google Women Techmakers (WTM) Leads Summit, Madrid, Spain (2018)
      Google I/O, Mountain View, CA, USA (2017 - 2018), San Francisco, CA, USA (2011 - 2015)
      Global Google Developer Group (GDG) Leads Summit, Mountain View, CA, USA (2011 - 2018)
      Firebase Summit, Prague, Czech Republic (2018), Berlin, Germany (2016)
      Local Google Top Contributor (TC) Meetup, London, UK (2014, 2016)
      Local Google Developer Group (GDG) Organizer Summit, Hamburg, Germany (2015), Istanbul, Turkey (2014), London, UK (2012), Moscow, Russia (2011)
      Google Developer Day, Moscow, Russia (2011)
      Google Developer Group (GDG) DevFest, Dublin, Ireland (2014)
      Google Women Techmakers (WTM) Meetup, Omsk (2014), Munich, Germany (2014-2015)
    Travel grant by Duolingo – Duolingo Incubator Summit, Berlin, Germany (2015)
    Travel grant by Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency – Android “Trainings of Trainers” (ToT), Tbilisi, Georgia (2014)
    Scientific Scholarship by German Research Foundation (DFG) (2007-2010)
    Scholarship for Excellent Students, Bashkir State University (2000-2006)
    2nd prize in the Ufa Contest of Young Fiddlers and Cellists (1996)
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